About Halifax

Halifax Restaurant features North-Eastern farm and coastal cuisine, with an emphasis on local and sustainable ingredients. The vast majority of our product, if not made in-house, comes from farmers, fisherman, and artisans from Delaware north to our namesake, Halifax – the capital of Nova Scotia. Chef Seadon Shouse further puts his personal touch on our offerings by creating house-smoked meats and seafood, authentic vermouth, as well as sea salt, made from water straight out of Montauk. Our beverage program also includes a selection of spirits, wines, and beers from local, reputable producers.


Various Seafood - Sea To Table - Brooklyn NY

Greens, Herbs - Urbana Greens - Newark NJ

Milk, Butter, Creams - Battenkill Valley Creamery - Salem NY

Organic & Cage-Free Eggs - Alderfer Family Farm - Telford PA

Milks, Creams - Kriemhild Dairy Farms - Hamilton NY

Potato Vodkas - Claremont Distillery - Fairfield NJ

Various Brews - 902 Brewery - Hoboken NJ

Various Brews - Departed Soles Brewery - Jersey City NJ